Written on Nov 27, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, family conflicts, anger management, coping with life changes, coaching, and adhd

After only two sessions, I’ve been able to significantly better express my feelings to my partner and ask for what I need, all while reducing tension in the household as well. He’s not just focused on solutions but acts fast to identify the root cause(s). It’s so easy to talk with Andrew, and he makes me feel comfortable just being myself. I look forward to continuing a few more sessions with him. All in all, I highly recommend Andrew for anyone needing support!

Written on Nov 20, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, lgbt, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related issues, and anger management

I find Andy to be a very kind and compassionate soul ,who is very knowledgeable and insightful, who listens intentively and gently guides you in collaboration with him in giving you the client a new approach, insight or direction to problems or issues you may have.

Written on Oct 06, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 3 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and family conflicts

I worked with Andi for a month or two to deal with what initially was some pretty bad anxiety and negative thinking. I can’t say enough positive things about him! He’s taught me so many useful strategies for managing my anxiety that have begun to really stick and I feel the best I have mentally in a long time! He also makes therapy so fun and easy. Highly recommend him!

Written on Sep 30, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 3 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, self esteem, anger management, career difficulties, and coaching

Andrew got me feeling back to being myself in a four-week period. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He instantly knew how to help me, and together we achieved all my therapy goals. If you go to therapy with Andrew, you’re in a safe pair of hands.

Written on Sep 26, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 2 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, anger management, and coping with life changes

I signed up to Betterhelp to understand why I was becoming anxious and stressed so easily and to learn how I could manage these feelings so I could be happier. Andi was great, he taught me several techniques to help address stress whenever it arose, but also helped me to understand some of my core beliefs which triggered stress. This has really helped me to stop becoming stressed so easily and allowed me to be more happy. I wouldn’t have understood my underlying feelings or been able to deal with my stress without Andi’s help. His approach was more relaxed than I expected from therapy and meant I felt comfortable opening up and chatting. I would absolutely recommend Andi as a therapist. Thank you for your help.

Written on Sep 24, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and abuse, and adhd

So far after 3 sessions with Andrew I feel a lot better even though I’ve been suffering (if that’s the term) for so long. I look forward to my video calls with him and just the same to our small messages inbetween. Couldn’t ask for a better therapist

Written on Sep 16, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 1 month on issues concerning trauma and abuse

Andrew was the perfect match for me. With his kindness and great sense of humour, he made me feel comfortable talking about serious topics of mine. He always listens and gives great input to think about between the sessions. He made therapy really fun. I’m very thankful!

Written on Jul 21, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 3 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, and relationship issues

Can only say positive things about Andrew and his therapy style. He’s gotten me out of a hole that I was in for several years. Can’t thank him enough.

Written on Jul 12, 2022 after therapy with Andrew for 4 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, and family conflicts

Initially I was a bit nervous of starting therapy due to a poor experience last time. Within the first five minutes of meeting with Andi I knew that this time will be different.

Andi effortlessly makes a warm and welcoming environment to explore any thoughts, feelings or concerns. Andi has a way of delivering tips and tricks that sounds like they’re coming from an old friend. Perhaps most importantly Andi removes the typical seriousness of therapy.

I would highly recommend Andi to anyone looking to overcome their challenges. I couldn’t think of anyone better to have in your corner.

Thank you for everything!