Training & CPD

Qualified to deliver Training and Continuous Professional Development, I can offer the following courses:

Identifying & Working With Self-Harm £19.99 – CLICK IMAGE TO GO TO COURSE

Welcome to our comprehensive course on identifying and working with self-harm. This course is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively recognize and address self-harming behaviors. Whether you are a student therapist looking to enhance your understanding or an individual seeking to expand your knowledge in this area, this course offers valuable insights and practical techniques.

Self-harm is a complex and sensitive issue that affects many individuals across different age groups and backgrounds. Understanding the underlying causes, triggers, and risk factors associated with self-harm is crucial for providing appropriate support and intervention. In this course, we will delve into the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of self-harm, enabling you to develop a deeper comprehension of this behavior.

Working with Suicidal Ideation in Counselling £19.99 – BOOK HERE
This is course is designed to give you an overview of all the aspects of how to work with suicidal ideations within your professional setting. Designed particularly for Student Counsellors but indeed for anyone who wants to learn more about suicide.

LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion £19.99 – BOOK HERE
Made by and for LGBT+ People. the popular and successful LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion Package will enable and empower you to work successfully with LGBT+ people and also increase your level of awareness of an encouragement of better LGBT+ inclusion. Composed in conjunction with the LGBT+ community which means that as well as being up to date, it is real world training!

Setting Up In Private Practice £19.99 – BOOK HERE
A short course designed to inform and education on the steps and pitfalls of setting up in Private Counselling Practice. Covering many of the legal and administrative aspects as well as the logistics of setting up a Private Practice. Ideal for newly qualified or soon to be qualified counsellors and therapists!